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BEWARE - ITTP TEFL Prague has the Same Owner that also Owns TELF Reviews

Welcome to another blog post on ITTP TEFL Prague Reviews. Today we will be previewing what we will be releasing on this ITTP TEFL Prague Review blog in coming weeks and months. In upcoming blog posts we will be releasing more reviews posted on review sites collected before they were removed by the administrators of these weak review sites unwilling to take a stand against Neville and his unethical practices. We still have over 6 new reviews to be released and I have been sent three new reviews in recent days (two negative and one positive) which will also be added in time.

We are also putting together a nice little study that looks at fake reviews for ITTP TEFL Prague. We will be showing the relationship between the writing styles and words used on some of the reviews for ITTP TEFL Prague on TEFL Reviews that are fake, and also linking these with fake negative reviews for other companies. The outcome of the project is we will be showing proof that Neville has been writing fake reviews for his company ITTP TEFL Prague and also negative reviews for a number of his competitors.

Just a reminder Neville Thomas the owner of ITTP TEFL Prague is also the owner of TEFL Reviews, an apparently “independent” reviews website for TEFL. It is important potential clients realise this.


  1. Hello: I might like to be involved with this blog. I did the ITTP Prague course in the summer of 2011, and I would make negative comments about many things, esp. the accomodation. I would never do business with ITTP again. My email is I guess I will have to find out what kind of legal matters are involved with things like this before I really get involved.

  2. I studied on the same course as Sandy. When he wasn't moaning about absolutely EVERYTHING, he was (unsuccessfully) trying to hit it on with all the male members of our group - me included. I would definitely take everything on this 'blog' with a huge heap of salt. Sounds like the guy who decided to waste his time writing these crazy posts has a lot in common with Sandy. ITTP TEFL Prague was a fantastic experience for my fellow study mates and myself and we all gave it a big thumbs up (not that way Sandy).
    Check out their real reviews on ...

  3. I studied at ITTP TEFL in 2008 and also experienced many difficulties. I would never recommend ITTP to anyone. Prague is full of rumors about Neville Thomas and ITTP. It is shocking to read how far he is willing to go. Good luck with the study.

  4. Ok, anyone considering taking the comments of HBlendon seriously, please please read this first.

    HBlendon wrote:
    'I am a former ITTP TEFL Prague student and I am writing this complaints to provide a place where people can review ITTP TEFL Prague without fear of their reviews being removed. It is also to alert other potential TEFL clients to a major review scam currently being run by Neville Thomas and ITTP TEFL Prague. What his company did to myself and my classmates was really poor, however that is not my problem now. My problem is his attitude and dirty games towards our complaints and subsequent online reviews which has made me really angry. '

    That's not really true, is it HBlendon. Yes, ITTP has attracted some negative reviews, but no more than any other onsite or online TEFL course. Spend a bit of time looking and you'll see that all well-known onsite and online courses attract a fair balance of positive and negative reviews. That's normal.

    What's not normal though is this:

    Since about April 23 of last year we see a flood of extremely similar forum posts and reviews. All of them have similar titles, similar content, have something to do with a supposed scam ITTP Prague, or ramblings on about lousy accommodation at ITTP Prague. Whole "blogs" have even been created with the sole intention of writing one post - a negative review about ITTP.

    All this since April 23.

    Anyone with half a brain can see that all of these forum posts / reviews / one-post blogs were created by the same person or small group of people with some personal issue against ITTP or someone who works for them - clearly Neville, the joint owner of ITTP and widely respected in the Prague Education community as far as I and my colleagues are aware. Oh, and unlike you I have lived in Prague for 13 years so I think I can write with a bit more unbiased clarity ;)

    Just look at the language used in the posts - there's not even any attempt to use different writing styles to make it look like they were written by different people. Have a look at the comments in the review that HBlendon quotes on his blog, for example - the language is so unbelievably unnatural for a genuine reply to a forum thread, it's laughable - they are such obviously staged replies, written by the same person that wrote the original post.

    HBlendon (or whatever the person's real name is) quite obviously has some personal issue with ITTP and has decided to devote a large amount of time and energy into trying to discredit them.

    My advice to anyone reading this - treat anything negative you read about ITTP written on or after April 23 with a very large pinch of salt.

    P.S. No, before you ask, HBlendon, I don't work for ITTP.

  5. Thank you Zemmanova for your comment. In response to the false accusations which have been planted all over the web this past year by a few sad individuals who feel that time spent online behind an anonymous computer screen empowers them and raises their personal profile above what they are able to achieve in flesh and bone in the real world - the one which ultimately counts - I will simply wish you a beautiful satori moment when the day arrives and you finally develop into fully grown men and women, I wish you success in your personal and professional lives and lastly, but not least, I wish you had taken a different course with a different school and saved my time now writing this response (of which believe me there will be no more), when instead I could be focussing on our current students who are 95% lovely :-) Nev (Neville)

  6. Right. So I guess you can explain this.

    If these are false accusations, why the heavyhanded attempt to suppress them and threaten legal action against site administrators? Also why is Zemannova Kralovna's post repeated on this link? It seems to me there's a much bigger campaign to cover up any bad reviews than there is to smear a school's good name.

  7. I personally feel that the proof in the pudding so to speak is by typing this blog address into the version of the webpage address and you will see that it was deemed unsuitable and blocked by Google:
    Also, that people like myself don't really take negative reviews of tefl schools seriously anyway - they are schools after all which end product is a certificate - and it seems obvious that ittp has been receiving a lot of heat from a few disgruntled low brows who have nothing better to do than flood the internet with the type of typing usually reserved for the 'difficult' class everyone knows in those equally difficult high schools. My guess is that all the posts were written by the same person or a few people who have nothing better do do than to waste their time with their sub human behavior. It's also my guess that this person or persons don't have a company of their own or the ability to form one or else they would be spending their precious time on that instead of churning out this type of repetitive drivel and providing to links to other anonymous website posts where they hope to gain somehow clarity and internet recognition.
    anyway, my beef isn't with either.
    Instead I am wanting to take an online tefl course and I would like to know of anyone's opinion of the following article as I am seriously looking into the ittp online tefl offer - of which I believe they are also successful in as opposed and in comparison to the sad individual(s) who choose to waste their God given time anonymously online in this particularly wasteful choice of time (of which at least has had the wise recognition of being absolute balls).
    Here is the article and my email is:

  8. also, I was curious and Googled the name of each user who wasted their time so valiantly on this site and noticed that one of them is wanted by the Czech Republic police as this online claim refers directly to:

    Dear Director Of Studies at

    We would like to bring to your attention that Mr Martin Edwards, who is teaching for your school and who failed his TEFL/TESOL certification course, committed fraud by illegally making a copy of his girlfriend's certificate (Mairead) and in doing so has since that date claimed to hold an internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate. Mr Martin Edwards is also wanted for questioning by the Czech Republic police and Interpol on alleged drugs manufacture and distribution charges and also wanted in connection with an alleged assault on a minor. We pass this information to you in greatest confidence and hope that you will contact Interpol and alert them of Mr Martin Edwards location. Thank you for your time.

    Mr Neville David Thomas
    Managing Director

  9. Wow, does he run guns and prostitutes as well? What about assassinating world leaders for a price?

    'Tony', if that's your real name, you spend a lot of space attacking the people posting here for someone who has never taken the course. Methinks this is ITTP up to its usual tricks, post overly glowing reviews and insulting those who post bad reviews.

    I'm still bothered a great deal by this: 'After making a number of complaints with College of Teachers who ITTP is affiliated with, we have unfortunately hit a brick wall in terms of progress. I will not use my real name to complain as I genuinely scared what Neville will do if he finds out what former pupil has unearthed this reviews scam he is running. He has threatened my classmates, he has threatened me and I found out he has been threatening review site administrators. I was told he even tracked down the family home of a review site administrator and threatened him there in person. If the man is crazy enough to travel from Prague to London to threaten a review site owner. what will he do after myself and my classmates decided to get serious with letting others know of this review scam he runs. Neville Thomas cannot be trusted and given the College of Teacher's response to this so far, it appears that maybe ITTP has influence there.'

    WTF?! HE TRACKED A SITE ADMINISTRATOR DOWN AT HIS HOME AND THREATENED HIM?! Isn't harassment a crime? Where does he get the balls to do this? If someone did that to me, they wouldn't leave my premises in one piece I can promise you.

    Just in case you missed it check out this link: There is even the same exact response to all of the posters from the abovementioned 'Zemmanova Kralovna'. Could anyone get any more pathetic?

  10. Yes, my real name is Tony (not Parsons though).
    No, I don't work for ittp but I did begin taking their online tefl course on Friday and so far very satisfied with the whole package. I have a bit of free time on my hands now so if anyone would like to confirm my identity then you may email me and I can reply with my mobile number here in Prague and you can call and I don't mind meeting up - I have a lot of time on my hands these next few months.

    Yes, when I was researching my ittp program I came across this laughable blog and while it is true that I took perhaps 15 minutes of my time to add defense for ittp - because in my opinion this is all a load of useless drivel - you though have spent much more time on it. Haven't you! ;-) I think anyone who devotes large chunks of their personal time to online defamation should be treated with insults because that is all they are able to achieve in their sad little life or lives. Posting a review on a respected site is fair enough but taking out blog space and going to anonymous complaints boards which frankly I don't believe anyone takes seriously anyway is quite simply, well, sad and you have my pity. I got that info about Mr Edwards btw from the teachers blacklist.

    I don't know anything about threatening site administrators but I think that one would need to also validated this as fact rather than just equivalent to the brown slime which seeps from the rear end of the male version of the cow species. Or perhaps that's one of the reasons why the version of this site WAS deemed unpublishable by Google because I don't think they close blogs just for giggles as they take free speech seriously so why would they take off the version of this blog, citing legal reasons, if everything written on this blog were based on fact? Mmmm :-D
    ... because if it is deemed unsuitable for Google to publish it then you know it's essentially a load of man cow seeping goo :-)

  11. Firstly i don't work for ittp.
    i can see these blog posts began in around april of last year so if i did work for ittp why wait until now to respond like this. i just want to get that out of the way.
    i DO though study on the ittp online course and began doing so on friday last week and i came across this "blog" researching my online course options and i must write that pages like this one actually clinched the deal for me because i was sure that the posts were written by either 1 person or a few and the amount of energy spent on this assured me that the school existed so i wasn't going to sign up and pay and find out it was an online school scam. so i began the course with ittp on friday and so far very satisfied with all aspects of the package. i feel they deserve a plug here so here is their website:
    I don't know anything about threatening site administrators, fake reviews or any of the other crazy half-baked claims on this page but I think that one should validate this as fact first or just simply being equivalent to the brown slime which seeps from the rear end of the male version of the cow species.
    Lets take into account all of the info on this page which also appears on complaints websites where people can post without any verification at all, and of which posts were obviously also set up by the same person who wasted his or her time on this blog:
    SHOCKING isn't it!!!
    why, all the same claims listed on those complaints board websites are also listed on this blog too!!!
    but, I did some sniffing around and noticed that the version of this site (that's folks btw) has been censored by Google. They have taken off the written claims which appear on the generic .com version of the blog and on the complaints sites.

    why was the version of this site deemed unpublishable by Google? I don't think they close blogs just for giggles as they take free speech seriously so why would they take off the version of this blog, citing legal reasons, if everything written on this blog were based on fact? Mmmm :-D

    ... because if it is deemed unsuitable for Google to publish it then you know it's essentially a load of man cow seeping goo :-)

  12. Well it sounds to me like the UK version has been censored because some network administrator got tired of getting threats of legal action from ITTP. Which speaks of the sad state of things today that people have no balls whatsoever. I would have called their bluff since libel or defamation has to actually be proved in court. But perhaps this old article provides a clue into ITTP's tactics:

    I have to ask one thing. Why did you post this same reply twice? Except for a few very minor details, you've posted two very nearly identical responses. If you don't work for ITTP you must be getting paid in some way to shill for them. If you really are who you say you are then why does it matter to you what someone says on their blog about the school where you claim to be taking courses? The amount of time you've now spent in insulting these posters speaks greater volumes about your sad little life if you are who you say you are (which I am now starting to doubt).

  13. Just to save time I'll quote the most relevant parts of the article whose link I posted.

    But some lawyers are already drawing a much narrower conclusion, namely, that the sole purpose of the suit is to harass and intimidate those who have criticized a company that has long been under fire for engaging in what many view as deceptive business practices.

    "I think the attorneys who file such lawsuits abrogate their duties," said Eric Goldman, an assistant professor of Law at Marquette University Law School. "However, it remains very typical for these threats to be made and these lawsuits to be brought," because "plaintiffs think they can bully websites and blogs into doing what they want."

    Kurt Opsahl, an Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney focusing on civil liberties, free speech and privacy law, agrees.'s lawsuit "appears ripe for an anti-Slapp motion," which, if successful, would strike it down. Slapp stands for "strategic lawsuits against public participation" -- suits that have no merit but are brought by companies to silence critics by forcing them to burn through money to pay for legal defense.

  14. I'm sorry. I can see you have some mental deficiency so I will try to keep my word count to a minimum.
    I do not work for ittp.
    I take a course which ittp provides.
    I began Friday (that's after the one which begins with 'thur').
    I have time and you obviously do but at least I am doing something productive while you waste yours. Damn sorry, was 'productive' a bit of a long one for you? :)

    Are you really using that argument to explain is not available? Really? :) I had guessed you were a moron of the second degree but now you can feel firmly at ease in the first.

    Your argument suggest that if you went to the ittp blogspot or any others and then hassled google persistently then eventually google would. Ah, you had a birthday yesterday didn't you :) 1 lovely candle on the cheap supermarket cake :)

    Having been involved in IT for quite some years I know for fact that Google or any other major search engine or website would never take off any information from their website unless it clearly breached user terms or was purely hate speech and so therefore defamatory. Ittp would have approached google and put forward a case as to why the material was offensive and defamatory and I imagine that google would have requested a long list of factual evidence for them to reach the very rare decision to block online web material based on it's content. I have personally tried to have offensive material taken off the net and was unsuccessful all 3 times.

    Oh wait! Of course!
    Ittp must have influence over google!!!
    Damn, you ARE a smart cookie after all ;)



  16. Holy crap.
    Have you read this?

  17. Wow, you posted a link to ITTP's own site, not to mention the sheer amount of time you take to respond to my posts. I have no interest to protect but I'm now convinced more than ever that you are that Neville guy who owns ITTP. No one else would logically spend this much energy defending ITTP on a third party blog. Nice try, but you're fooling nobody.

    Have a nice day all the same, Neville. :)

  18. My dear Moron internet friend.

    Well, I feel let down now.
    Just when you were getting into your thang you give up and throw the towel in.
    Is that all you can do to respond to my questions? Simply throw a few messy words around and claim I am a co-owner of ittp - buy a guy a drink first mate, I only began the course Friday! :)

    Somehow I feel it would be very easy to fool you though if I was Neville.
    I feel as though I have made one of you simply by pointing out a few very obvious flaws in your logic and your response has been to respond with this last post of crap.

    Yes, so you were saying before you had your meltdown that the reason why the uk version of this page is blocked on google is because Neville has power over Google? Are you really sure you wanna stick with that argument? I mean, it's a bit of a stretch ain't it mate ;)

    Also, your logic that I am co-owner of ittp is based that i spend too much time on here (?) and I posted a link to their blog (?).
    You dummy ass! :) You have just described your behavior on here too except that I don't claim you are the original writer of this blog (you are slightly more intelligent for that - your writing style isn't completely stuck at high school level) and I also don't claim you are the owner of either Blogsport or (that piece you quickly googled up to try and show you have an understanding of how the law works - you clever moron you :) ).
    ... because if Google deems it unpublishable then you can be sure it is an 'absorbing' read :D

    ... answers on a postcard ;)
    Or try reading something with content:

  19. You're talking about the U.K. Google ( This page still shows up uncensored on the larger and frankly more relevant page. Which is how it should be. Any business that feels it has to protect itself by censorship should not be in business.

    Maybe it's time you started answering some questions for a change since you haven't done so to date, other than by either claiming ignorance or saying that it's half baked b.s. Let's start with this quote from the Complaints Board link I posted earlier:

    'I am sorry but we are not interested in having ITTP on our site any more. I appreciate the fact you are frustrated but we do not want to our waste our time with him. Neville would relentlessly email us threatening legal action and he even visited one of the admin of the site at their flat in London after he got his personal details. He would call and text with legal threats. There were positive reviews popping up on the site for ITTP which we could not verify and were coming from IPs within Prague and any negative reviews he would threaten legal action for defamation. The final straw was last week when he emailed about 20 times in the space of a week giving us a deadline or legal action and will be suing for $1000 every day (loss of one customer per day) his company was mentioned on our site. It is not worth our time to have him on there. His company is a hassle. Abroad Reviews receives over 400 unique visitors per day and the way we see it, he is not getting access to any of them. We would prefer no more emails on this from you, as we will not be changing our mind. You need to find another site. We realize what he is doing is wrong but we do not have the funding or time to keep dealing with him. We are tired of him.'

    This comes from a site administrator for the website Why would someone make such a claim if it wasn't true? If it's not true then what's the harm in posting any commentary or anything at all about ITTP? Why would someone make up a story like this? Why does a search on that website for TEFL schools in the Czech Republic not turn up ITTP? Why does a search on the site turn up no mention of ITTP despite the fact that they have 15 schools listed under the Czech Republic? These seem to me to be pretty legitimate sites yet they don't want to deal with ITTP for some reason? Why is that?

    And please stop posting the link to ITTP's own blogspot. I would say that's transparent, but that would be an insult to transparent schemes everywhere.

  20. Dear Tony Parsons AKA Neville Thomas

    On 20-Apr I shared my opinions on this blog about ITTP. I also unnecessarily added that I had heard many negative rumors about ITTP and Neville Thomas whilst living in Prague between 2008 and 2009. As a response Neville Thomas found me on Facebook and sent me a message on 26-June threatening me with legal proceedings for defaming ITTP. Furthermore on 30-June Neville Thomas found out where I currently work and contacted my boss accusing me of being wanted by the Czech police and Interpol, assaulting a minor, manufacturing and distributing drugs and of committing fraud. The email was a clear attempt at getting me fired; an attempt which failed. I strongly believe that Neville Thomas acted unfairly by creating lies about me. Regardless of what I wrote on this blog on 20-Apr, attempting to destroy my reputation and getting me fired is wrong.

    Tony Parsons is Neville Thomas or someone working for ITTP. On 30-June Tony Parsons shared the exact email Neville Thomas sent my boss, claiming he had found it online. I understand it is impossible to access private emails online, indicating Tony Parsons has access to Neville Thomas’ emails.

    I feel that this whole business has seriously gotten out of hand. The Internet provides people with the opportunity to comment negatively about poor services. Every business and service receives negative comments and reviews in some form. Most accept this and try to learn and improve as a result. ITTP and Neville Thomas do not. Instead they go on the attack and make the situation worse. Finally, I wish for Neville Thomas never to contact me again.

  21. Hi Morons :) Or Moron? ;)
    I really can't comment on any of the allegations which you are throwing around here like al dente spaghetti in an Italian cookery class but I know who I am and last time I checked my passport there was no mention of any Neville or Thomas for that matter. However, the amount of heat i have received in private emails grew my curiosity. It's true (and here i'm using your logic) that I haven't met my online tutor so it could be Neville posing as her and my local vietnamese corner shop dude who works the cash register there has made me suspicious that he might also be Neville. I am slowly reaching agreement with you that Neville must be omnipresent and possibly the devil incarnate. I AM impressed that you didn't continue with your premise that Neville has also omnipotent qualities which strike fear into staff and which command absolute authority over their editing and free speech department. I think it was a good move that you have almost managed to change the direction and subject of this dialogue so that we can all just forget you ever wrote that. Unless of course you are able scroll upwards and view the gaff on display in those electic neon 100 foot letters of moronic proclamation :)
    What was that address again? oh yes:
    Also your argument that is a minor player on the virtual field I think is a little like grasping for those man sized tissues I assume you must get through in boxes nightly as you spend hours formulating answers, creating aliases and of course spanking the monkey or choking the bishop (or do you spank the bishop and choke the monkey? I wouldn't be surprised :)

    Just for shits and giggles i contacted my online tutor and passed on this link to her so my online tutor very nicely forwarded my message to Neville himself who must have closed up the corner shop for a while because he then sent me an email later in the afternoon and he said he didn't mind me publishing it. My online course is becoming very intense so i might take a few days off from this gaff corner to let you build up classic clown momentum again.

    I'm going to post the response below because it seems i am over my word limit for this comment.

  22. So, first you say the deleting content is a bunch of laughable moronic b.s., then you say that you contacted them to have 'defamatory' (meaning critical) remarks removed, then you say it didn't happen. Which is it? Are you even sure yourself?

    Let me reiterate a point I made some posts back: I have no stake at all in this. Neville certainly does as it is his company and his alleged practices that are at issue here. I can't say whether or not any complaints about ITTP have any merit but it seems to me that they or Neville have been making a diligent effort at having any negative reviews of them deleted. This is not exactly a free exchange of ideas is it? Imagine if the Offices of Trading Standards could only post glowing reviews of businesses. That would be totally unfair to the consumers who deserve better.

    Sorry but from the record it seems that Neville and/or ITTP has been doing all the bullying here. And that is why I have been posting here on this blog. I can't stand bullying and don't tolerate it in others. Call it a weakness of mine.

  23. Bullying or not, this place is a Yoga studio now.

  24. The Yoga studio is on the 1st floor of the building. The ittp office is on the 5th. It's a big building granted so not your bad for the error. I know because I am taking their course now and I needed to go to the office to pay up my remaining course and accommodation balance.
    I've not experienced the same issues which others on here seem to have and all I can write are glowing reports of my general time spent with ittp. So far so good.
    I can be contacted by email and would be happy to help out anyone who has any questions about my ittp tefl experience.

  25. Hi all,
    I would also like to voice my concerns regarding ITTP, based on my current experiences with them. I take issue with what I deem as their unprofessional and unethical business practices.
    I have spent 3 years teaching in Australia before deciding on a course in Nov 2013. The course was cancelled, meaning an advertised service along with accommodation I paid for was not provided. After asking to have my money refunded I was refused. After pressing the issue, ITTP began an 8 week refund application process, which seems needlessly long and a ploy to buy time in the hope I disappear. That is what it comes across as, who knows, it may be a legitimate process?
    I have also been threatened with legal action after posting my opinion of them on their Facebook page. It appears to me that they use tactical legal threats to silence people. After examining many review sights (which I should’ve done more carefully before and chosen a school that is not linked with such accusations and has greater transparency in their conduct) I believe that ITTP have a strange complex. They seem to be engaged in many debates regarding their practices and are aggressively quick to jump on any negative opinion of them. It seems they think a negative opinion is illegal and start screaming ‘defamation’. Remember people, if you think something sucks, you can say so, you have the right to. Considering what I am experiencing, some of the earlier claims about ITTP trying to control public opinion and expression do not seem farfetched. However, that is for you to decide. This is all my perception.
    I have also spoken to others (I will keep nameless for their sake and privacy) who have had negative dealings with ITTP, as well as those in the Prague TEFL community. There appears to be a genuine worry and suspicion regarding ITTP and there is an uncertain and wary vibe, especially on the topics of fake reviews and bullying and intimidation of those who voice opinions against them, or provide a forum for it.
    Either way, I am going back home relatively soon, so I don’t give a shit what happens to ITTP. However, I do care about other young people who spend lots of money and uproot their life hoping for a positive experience teaching in a foreign land. Please be careful and think carefully about your options.
    Be cool, stay in school

  26. I'm adding a recent (moderated) review which we received at (an ONLINE TEFL Course reviews website, NOT on-site !!!) and which has gone live on our site. The reason for this is that in the past week we have been receiving many negative reviews of the ITTP TEFL Prague program and all from the same ip address. My interest was piqued so this morning I ran a quick google search and came across similar "reviews" and I thought I'd do the opposite and commit a random act of kindness. The following is the 1 review from 12 received this week at The only one which passed moderation and which was deemed suitable to be published, based on authenticity - the fact that the identity of the poster was confirmed as real and that it was deemed a genuine review:

    This is a great program. I am a 47 year old missionary that wanted to get my certification where we could add teaching English to our ministry program. The course was great, and I learned a lot. A special note of thanks to Veronika my online tutor who was also great and very thorough with explaining any questions I had. I graduated with flying colors and this was partly because of my wonderful tutor, because of my sheer determination, because of the well-structured course content and user friendly interface. It's also internationally recognized and I've had zero issues using my certification since in job applications. My only negative point would be that during the course I sometimes felt that more emphasis could have been spent on the grammar component, but I guess that being older it was a bit more difficult for me because it's been so long since I studied grammar and anyway this wasn't a major concern as grammar was covered. I though could have done with a bit more explanation of some of the more difficult grammar rules. If I had to mark this program out of 10 then I'd give it an awesome 9.

    A final message from is please stop trying to add fake ITTP on-site TEFL reviews and comments to my site! I run tefl ONLINE reviews. NOT tefl on-site reviews!!! Thank you! :D

  27. I believe that ITTP is an avoid at all costs school. I have paid for an onsite course and accommodation which was then taken away, without refund, and with the threat of legal action. I was in Prague recently and went to visit their offices to have demand my money back face to face ($1200) and the office is not even there. I have posted online about this and have a list of people who have gone through the same thing. Want to verify who I am? email is i am happy to give my facebook and skype profile if you want to know more or verify who I am. Ask ITTP for the same, see what happens. Avoid!

  28. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to add my 2 cents worth here, but as I have a bit of time on my hands tonight I'll oblige despite having a general rule never to associate my name with online rant columns.
    Firstly, I don't think ittp run their residential courses anymore so the content on this page is really simply a smoking gun shot a while back in time.
    I am proud to be a recent ittp online course student graduate and I have nothing but positives to say about their program and I will continue to let friends and family members know that it's an affordable, reliable form of tefl study.
    I give ittp 4.5 marks from 5.

  29. I've just noticed that Marin Poljak has more than 1 review on this page and a quick Google search of his name and his partner in crime 'kyle' will bring up a whole treasure trove of hate reviews recklessly thrown around the net. I am actually quite impressed (well, in a creepy way) with how many reviews you both wrote, plus the numerous others I imagine you wrote but which ultimately failed to win your name approval upon submission. I don't know your full story (neither do I personally wish to) but if you are genuine then surely there are more constructive options open where the dialogue can be more civilised and subsequently more believable. I don't mean to offend, but to me you just come over as abusive and loud.

  30. Completely agree with you Mark White

  31. I have begun a blog of my own

  32. Neville Thomas took more than $3000 dollars from me when he cancelled the course. He is a dirty business man and I wouldn't reccomend ANYONE to do business with him or ITTP. Horrible person.

    1. kirst_02 The same happened to me! Can you contact me at

      Also, if you look at this website, it's obvious that ITTP closed in 2011. Yet Neville David Thomas still tries to get people to give him money. Just try contacting him through his website and he'll offer you a place. And that gets cancelled once you've paid.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Dear "Kirst_02" and "Sally S".

    Thank you for your comments.

    Firstly, it is impossible that ITTP "took more than $3000 dollars from you" because our course fee has never in our 11 years of operation run more than $1,599. Accommodation added, it would still be under the $2,000 mark (max.) Plus, we don't have any record of you ever applying or taking one of our courses.

    We have also never heard of you Sally S, although I imagine that you are in fact Chris Westergaard from The Language House TEFL Prague - a competing school with a terrible track record.

    It is true that we stopped running onsite residential TEFL courses back in 2014, but we continue to run our award winning Online international TEFL/TESOL courses.

    Btw, please feel free to check the version of this site: and you will see that the content was deemed unsuitable for publishing, due to the untrue defamatory nature of the content material.

    And while we are at it, perhaps Mr Chris Westergaard you could explain why you are trying to trash the good name of ITTP TEFL Online on the web so much?
    Got something to do with this per chance I imagine: